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Bluetooth controller support sorely needed

This would be a nearly 100% faithful reproduction -- if only one could use a controller with it. Lets do that.

Max Payne

I love this game, and plays extremely well on iOS. Having controller support would be awesome, as well as being able to crouch like in the PC version. And maybe Max Payne 2 could come to iOS? Keep up the great work!

Great game

Great game with some glitches. Some items cant be picked up.

Make a remastered version

Actually obsessed with this game, storys awesome, runs super smooth, fantastic game. Please make a remastered version of this game, that would make my day

Highest Replay Value

Buy it, you wont regret it and you will literally be able to play it again, and again, and again.

awesome port

feels just like the good old ps2 version, controls are like most ipad games which are so so. Music, graphics are all there who doesnt like bullet time? Well done rockstar!


Every time on start the game


Game crashes right after I open it!

does not work

Unfortunately for iphone 4s ios 9.3.1 does not work

Not load this game!

Ta gra nie działa!!!!! Heloooo!?? Naprawcie to!!!


now works without problems, thanks!

There is a problem

For some reason there are no sounds in the game (also, no music). Am I the only one?

Where my 2001 year and first PC? :-)

Dears, many thanks for beautiful nostalgic emotions!

Where is Max Payne2??

Уважаемые разработчики, давно пора уже выпустить вторую часть игры на iOS!!! dear creator thanks a lot for max payne but we are waiting for the second part of it. Please, dont let us down!!!

Max Payne 2: The fall of Max Payne

Скорей бы

iCloud saves issue still appears

I was unable to get access to iCloud save after I switched from 5s to 6s.

Ultimo Aggiornamento

IPhone 6s PERFECT!!!

Dont run!

This app do not run on iPad Air 2

Dont run!!!

do not run on iphone6s+!!

Need update

I have iphone 5 Do not run this app on iphone5 Need update

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