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Max Payne Mobile app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 2704 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Arcade
Developer: Rockstar Games
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.5, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 12 Apr 2012
App size: 1.33 Gb

Max Payne, the award-winning title is now available for iOS.

A fugitive undercover cop framed for murder, hunted by cops and the mob, Max is a man with his back against the wall, fighting a battle he cannot hope to win. Max Payne is a relentless story-driven game about a man on the edge, fighting to clear his name while struggling to uncover the truth about his slain family amongst a myriad of plot-twists.

The groundbreaking original cinematic action-shooter, Max Payne introduced the concept of Bullet Time® in videogames. Through its stylish slow-motion gunplay combined with a dark and twisted story, Max Payne redefined the action-shooter genre.

Universal App:
Max Payne is supported on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1, iPad 2, the new iPad.

• Max Paynes signature slow motion gunplay, Bullet Time®
• Stunningly sharp, HD quality resolution and textures
• Retina supported resolution for the new iPad
• Gameplay tailored for touch screen devices
• Highly customizable controls
• Multiple aiming modes
• Rockstar Games Social Club integration to track stats, unlock cheats and more*

*Rockstar Games Social Club supported on the iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad only. Cheats are still accessible on older devices. 

For those using the "Skip to Level" cheat, we recommend that you have weapons in your inventory; as you will start a new level with your current weapon set.

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios

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Pros and cons of Max Payne Mobile app for iPhone and iPad

Max Payne Mobile app good for

I love this game, and plays extremely well on iOS. Having controller support would be awesome, as well as being able to crouch like in the PC version. And maybe Max Payne 2 could come to iOS? Keep up the great work!
Actually obsessed with this game, storys awesome, runs super smooth, fantastic game. Please make a remastered version of this game, that would make my day
Buy it, you wont regret it and you will literally be able to play it again, and again, and again.
feels just like the good old ps2 version, controls are like most ipad games which are so so. Music, graphics are all there who doesnt like bullet time? Well done rockstar!
For some reason there are no sounds in the game (also, no music). Am I the only one?
Уважаемые разработчики, давно пора уже выпустить вторую часть игры на iOS!!! dear creator thanks a lot for max payne but we are waiting for the second part of it. Please, dont let us down!!!

Some bad moments

*One: Crashes on Korean language. *Two: When you scroll or swipe the screen in game, it lags a little bit. Not frame rate. Fps is fully working. This problem doesnt appear when you using controller. It appears when you using touch screen.
After 64bit update , app cant be opened on IPad Air 1 iOS 9.3.2 , please fix it !!!
I played Payne when it was a pc game. Loved! Im on iPad these days. Is it me? Or does anyone else have a prob controlling Max, getting him to do whats needed, and in general getting this game to work?! Open to suggestions! Game was cheap so cant bitc$ about cost, but would really love to revisit this awesome games nuances....
This is very terrible . The screen is very glitchy. I cant move my person . I want a refund
Stupid thing wouldnt play on my mini...kicked me out three times after running through the intro.
Please fix! Cant get past the first mission without my screen going black! (Ipod 4)

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